Stump Grinding

An old tree stump in your yard can be a bigger problem than a simple lawn-mowing obstacle. A decaying tree stump can become a home to pests, rot, and disease, as well as causing problems for the rest of your yard.

Many insects, such as termites, ants and beetles, will invade and nest in old tree stumps. At first, this may seem harmless. However, once these pests have established a foothold in your yard, they can quickly spread to other trees and buildings, including your home. A termite infestation can lead to thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property. Other insects in tree stumps can be harmful to you and your family. Roaches can spread disease and wood wasps can sting anyone unfortunate enough to get too close. Removing the tree stump will remove the bugs’ starter home.

Stump removal can also prevent many forms of fungi from growing on your property. Fungus, if left to spread, is not only unsightly, but can also smell and attract gnats and flies. Also, fungi can spread to other plants, causing damage to trees, vegetable gardens and flowers. Trees damaged by fungus can become brittle and fragile, and therefore, dangerous. In addition, crops are easily ruined by the disease.

Finally, a tree stump can be a hazard for small children and others. While the majority of the tree may be gone, the extensive root system still exists. These roots can cause people to trip as well as creating problems when you try to mow your lawn. Often, the tree stump and roots will sprout new growth despite the tree having been cut down. These new growths can still have the disease that caused you to remove the original tree, and can lead to greater expense to remove them.